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During Jackson’s guest stint on ABC’s No Ordinary Family, he particpated in a live twitter Q&A using the twitter handle @NOF_JacksonR. You can read the entire Q&A below.

Hi! I’m here… at the Soho house…looking at the piano…wishing I was playing…

Jackson: What interested you about this character?
@uhmlyeah I just wanted to play a normal kid.

Jackson would you do anything to save somebody you loved?
@GloriainesC Yes, even someone I hated.

Jackson: How do you juggle all the acting gigs and 100 Monkeys? Tell us about Spencer Bell and why we should all know about him.
@haylindmom I don’t sleep…Spencer Bell is one of my good friends that passed away. He’s an incredible artist – all across the board…

Check out: http://spencerbellmemorial.ning.com/

Jackson this is the second character you have played that gets his mind read, do you consider yourself to be an open book? and please can you bring 100 Monkeys to the UK when you film Shadowland
@miss_azzi I’m an open book of poetry. Bad poetry. And, yes 100 Monkeys will be coming to the UK in 2011

If you could play an evil character that turns out to be a good priest guy (twist) would you do it? and what attracts you to a particular role?
@ILJGrowlage are you pitching me this role? are you writing the script?

Jackson – As a musician and actor would u ever consider combining the 2 and doing a fly on the wall 100 monkeys TV show ? p.s bring 100 Monkeys to the UK !
@100monkeysUK we r about to release a band documentary of our last tour. Go 2 100MonkeysMusic.com to find out more in the next couple of wks

Jackson I heard you will be filming a movie called Shadowland over here in the UK, will you please drag the rest of 100 monkeys with you to do a few shows pretty please
@miss_azzi sure

jackson que harias si una chica de 15 años (fan tuya) te pidiera su mail porque esta enamorada de vos ?
@melcarc gracias no hablo espanol! necessito estudiar…

Like many UK fans, I am chomping at the bit for 100 Monkeys to come to the UK, any chance while Jackson is filming Shadowland of this happening?
@UK_Mich still in negotiations.. 100 Monkeys will come regardless…

I have heard about the filming of Shadoland in Ireland and the UK, any chance of a 100 Monkeys tour this side of the pond? And are you looking forward to working with the mighty Bill Nighy?
@UK_Mich really want to work with bill nighy.. really want to tour and really want to swim across the pond..

Both: If you could be any supernatural creature, who would you be and why?
@JaspersGirl0227 I’m into just being human…

Jackson how can you compare/difference working in NOF to working in Twilight? Which type of work do you like most ?
@sthlikethat i’m an artist i like doing a little bit of everything ..

For Jackson: Did you, or did you not rub Michael Chiklis’ head?
@SokkaMe No Comment. And, yes.. and his belly, too.

i have two questions ., I was wondering who inspires u when u r choosing ur roles in movies and t.v? Also who inspires u when u r writing songs in ur band the 100Monkeys ?
@JsSpiderMonkey inspiration comes from everywhere..and anyone…mostly in the shower

Jackson, I heard that you and the boys may have seen the JibJab Halloween 100 Monkey videos I made. Hope you liked them if you did! ;D
@hyeah100monkeys i love them. i want more of them.

Jackson and Kay- Have you ever had any bad experiences with a fan?
@isabeLx630x I hope not

To jackson …which artist and actor did u look up to as a child ?
@JsSpiderMonkey clint eastwood & jack nicholson and tom waits

To Jackson: You play a lot of instruments if you have to choose just one to play for the rest of your life which will it be?
@FenixMJR i refuse.

What made you choose the part for No Ordinary Family?
@tiffymin the script.

Jackson, acting and music aside for now, do you have any kind of wish list of things you really want to do? Such as bunji jumping, sky diving, swimming with dolphins etc etc?!
@CharmedTink1 i’ve done all of those things. in dreams.

First of all , you’re awesome ! I love you Jay And I would like to know if your color-blindness affect you in your work? I’m from Argentina and we love you here ♥ Also I have an online radio and a web page dedicate for you .
@JJacksessed yes i am color blind. and sunset’s are still beautiful in black and white. thank you for your support.

Jackson is the most important thing that has happened in your career
@GrisWhitlock I became an uncle.

Hi from France Jackson ! As a french Jackson Rathbone Fan I would like to ask this question ” When a 100 monkeys gig in France ?”.
@in_your_world when will you dance?

Kay and Jackson: Of all of the fun special powers that are involved with this show and others, which would you wish for and why?
@AprilLovinLife with no power comes great irresponsibilty.

Two years ago it was your first act in twilight. How is your life now ? I mean, is it change a lot ?
@in_your_world no. i’m a still a hermitting artist.

Jackson: what is your favorite part of acting and being in a band(which by the way..love the 100 monkeys!) also: if you could pick one superpower what would you choose?
@Rachelntwilight i love entertaining.

out of all the actors you read about you are the most down to earth, caring, and sensitive i can think about. most let it go to there head but its almost as if your still the same as you was before acting am i right?????
@xxbesafexx I’m just glad I get to do what I do.

to Jackson: How exited are you for the possibility of an Latino American and a European SBL?
@FenixMJR i’m ecstatic we’ve been able to do a lot of good due to fan support and keeping spencer’s music alive.

Jackson, If you could work with any musician or group who would it be? And can you tour with your band in the Mid-West Ohio Valley-ish area so I can come see you?
@JennaMeager Tom Waits. And, wait for me.

Jackson, will you ever consider doing a TV show after the Twilight Saga ends?
@SweetGirl_Bells I’ll do anything if I find it interesting.

Hey Jackson! I was wanting to know how life in a band and as an actor is on someone who seems to be trying to do both as much as possible ( You are doing great just so you know)? and F.Y.I. I just got this AWSOME tatto of your autograph on my inner right wrist.
@rlsteimer it’s not hard i just never have time to date… tattoos are awesome but …. (LMAO)

To Jackson: It’s seem you like play a character in horror movies or a charcter with dark past. If you can choose another character and another type of movie what do you choose?
@Carolinab85 i like the extremes of life and art..

Hey Jackson: Music is really powerful for me and always helps me through bad times. Who are some artists you listen to when you’re dealing with stressful periods in your life.
@LeslieF80 Charlie Parker and Muddy Waters.

to Jackson: Jay, I would like to ask you so many things, but, before all, I would like to thank you heartily for everything. I love you so much Jay….
@loverathbone i love you too anonymous person

jackson was that your sister with you at the twilight premiere? i have a book that says it was but they said her name was melissa an as far as i know you dont have a sis named melissa
@witchygirldobie That was an actress and friend named Melissa Carnell.

To Jackson: I am a writer and I know firsthand how hard it can be to actually take all the creative ideas from your head and put it to paper, so what I was wondering is for one, where do you get the inspiration? And is it ever as overwhelming for you, and frustrating to write it all down and get it the way you want it? BTW, I wrote to your fanmail thanking you for staying so humble and being the southern gentleman that you are, because I think it’s good, not only as a role model for younger guys, but for girls to know that those guys do exist. It also had a song in there that I wrote.
@motrchik wow. you are a writer. just keep writing. that’s my motto. and thank you for your love and support. much love.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2011?
@DallasStarA Robots.

Jackson! Be my date to my sorority’s formal??? =]
@kmmoyer75 sweet. when is it?

to Jackson; first of all I love you Jay…I love your wonderful voice….can I ask you something about yours songs? was there a girl that inspired you when you wrote “Junkie” and “I Love You”? (sorry for my english dear Jay…)
@loverathbone i don’t think i have a song called I love you? Junkie was defnititely about my ex-girlfriend..or maybe not..

Jackson is what you want in a girl
@GrisWhitlock Confidence.

Are you ticklish Jackson? haha.
@badadadadaimlovingit where?

*~*To Jackson*~* 1) In an interview you said that you are now an uncle. Do you have a niece or a nephew, and how does it feel? 2) Do you ever have trouble coming up with lyrics for the improv songs you do with the 100 Monkeys? 3) Looks don’t matter, but let’s be superficial for a moment. What do you look for physically in a woman?
@TeamRathbone84 1) nephew amazing. 2) not really but yes 3) what was the question?

To go along with the Jackson portion of this question: Yes Jackson how do you handle this workload? You have so many irons in the fire all at once? Kinda makes me worry about you :-/
@mustangchristal ohh .. thanks for worrying. i’m fine though. i consider myself a blacksmith. of all trades..

Jackson = What is one of ur favorite characters u have played in ur career and why ? sorry to put u on the spot like that lol
@JsSpiderMonkey The newest is always the most exciting…

wait. that doesn’t make any sense..

Jackson: As busy as you are with 2 movies filming and several in the work while finishing your 100 city tour with your band (see you in Birmingham), are you planning any time off to spend with your family or will you continue this pace for a while?
@hobee1971 i’m trying to get them to come on the road with me … rathbone family band. going slow..

kgr will have an album coming out that i am going to produce. be ready for banjo..

Jackson, do you prefer doing movie roles or TV? Are you looking forward to the next 2 parts of The Twilight Saga?
@mskimj i prefer pizza and yes.

Jackson, If you could walk in someone’s shoes for a day, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
@JRathboneInfo walking in dead people’s shoes must be smelly. and unhygenic..ish. clint eastwood might punch me if i stole his shoes..

Jackson : What is the weirdest word or phrase that was thrown out for an improve suggestion?
@VampireLaurie hippopotamus on an airplane wing landing in the nile..

Jackson what are some of your favorite books, movies?
@xFearful_ i’m a fan of the 60s..

Jackson – Where do you plan on spending Thanksgiving? :-p
@cynniebee louisiana ..

Jackson: For the upcoming 100 Monkeys album are there going to be any songs on it that you all have performed live for the 100 Cities Tour such as, shy water, prayer, invisible monsters, ect.?
@BlkDiamndDarlin all those three and more..

To Both Kay and Jackson: Do you have a bucket list? If so what items have you crossed off of it?
@cassiemunchkin First on my bucket list is to make a bucket list.

For both: If life took you to college instead of the entertainment industry, what do you think you would have majored in (besides drama & music)? Minor? I previously posted this question, but neglected to address it. It would be great if you both could answer!
@EchoRhomeo i would have majored in drinking and minored in blacking out.

Jackson, What is the difference working in TV versus working on a film? I’m sure that you can find pros and cons in both fields.
@heiress89 There’s really not that much of a difference.

Jackson ….. where is your favorite place in the world to be and why?
@cougarbugk With my family.

Jackson, I also wanted to tell you that Hope (BlkDiamndDarlin) and I own the newest fansite devoted to 100 Monkeys! The URL is http://100monkeys.fantorium.com/
@JRathboneInfo thank you.

Jackson, when I had a cat it’s favorite food was Wendy’s french fries; do you ever feed Dean weird things just to see what he will eat?
@heiress89 Dean loves bacon. He steals from me.

Jackson: favorite bands/songs what are your musical influences.
@xFearful_ spencer bell ….the lonesome ballad of lonesome boy

Jackson: What do you hope to accomplish within the next year. I know theres alot of different projects you are working on but what new task are you wanting to learn to add to your quite impressive resume?
@BlkDiamndDarlin i am actually developing a couple different tv shows… and producing up & coming indie bands …quite excited.

@BlkDiamndDarlin i want to learn to play the violin ..

Jackson, with all the different projects you have going on now, is there anything special you like to do to unwind in your down time? Also are you and 100monkeys planning on coming back to PA anytime soon? I missed you guys in Pittsburgh….
@saundra363 We missed you too. In my downtime, I sleep…

Jackson- You clearly have a talent for songwriting and for acting, but have you ever considered writing for film or television yourself? it seems that this would be a natural exploration of the two to consider and I just wondered if you had thought about it
@lildarlinjay i have and am pitching later this year …

Jackson – If you were part of this family, what would your special ability be?
@LizCopley to rock out.

Jackson what director would you like to work the most with?
@SweetGirl_Bells Clint Eastwood.

What is your favorite holiday?
@laraj1289 Your birthday.

Jackson: What is more fun, shooting an appearance in a television show, being in a movie, or playing with your band?
@cguy225 dear courtney … i cannot choose.

If you were stranded on a deserted island what are three things you’d have with you?
@iAMurPoison 1. A guitar 2. A knife 3. And a bottle of whiskey.

Jay: Would you consider a “swashbuckling” role such as “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “The Three Musketeers”? Kay: I just adore “Read It & Weep” with your sister Danielle. Will she be joining you sometime on the show?
@EchoRhomeo yes. i love the word swashbuckling.

Not sure if this has been asked or not, if you could jam with any musician dead or alive, who would it be, and what would you play?
@AuthorHeatherGarrett I would jam with Bach, and I would play electric guitar.

Jackson – we dare you to jump with us here in the 101st Abn Div. U game?
@libby071583 i’m game.

how did you prepared for your role as Jasper Cullen?
@hjniles I got bitten by a vampire.

Hi Jackson. I read somewhere that you are finalizing a deal to be in “Shadowland.” Any word on this? Much Love, Cassandra
@Cass100monkeys you read correct. i am in final negotiations..

For Jackson…I got to see 100 Monkeys in DC, amazing show, can’t wait for you guys to play around VA/NC! How do you select your roles, you are so versatile. Such a great actor, musician, and producer!
@SheritaJane i throw darts at a board.

Jackson: Will 100 Monkeys have a new record soon?
@hearyoumee yes. after i finish filming aim high.

Dear Jackson, What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate? -Caitlin
@caitidoodle7 Your birthday.

Are you able to draw? =)
@hellobittersweet777 yes with my feet.

To either or both – Name one bad habit you’d like to break
@md2994 I mumble.

Now that 100 monkeys are so popular, and busy!! Do you have intentions on becoming a recurring character on No Ordinary Family?
@shanaredden i don’t know ignorance is bliss..

slow zombies or fast zombies?
@itsveronicamars slow zombies. romero rules. best question.

Jackson: Favorite band growing up?
@hearyoumee The Moody Blues.

Jackson when is Amanda making a comeback!?
@katieonthecoast maybe on the spinoff.. ignorance is bliss..

hi jackson i´m from chile, latin america! and i want to now : apart from being a musician and actor who else wanted to do in the professional area? utopian dream that would like to accomplish before age 40. you plan to tour Latin America with 100 monkey? i really love you! you are the best come to chile please!! have your dream come true! kisses much love
@javita8 a father.

Jackson!!! What did you do today?
@laraj1289 I watched “Control” – a movie about Joy Division.

Jackson: I just wanted to say that I LOVE your work and the 100 Monkeys….And the day I met you and got a pic with you at TIFF was the best day of my life!!!
@Jacksons_Angel that’s so sweet thank you..

hi jackson i´m from chile, latin america! and i want to now : apart from being a musician and actor who else wanted to do in the professional area? utopian dream that would like to accomplish before age 40. you plan to tour Latin America with 100 monkey? i really love you! you are the best come to chile please!! have your dream come true! kisses much love
@javita8 direct..

@krazy4kittys Yes, this is me… http://twitpic.com/35gn0r

Hackson – Its been a while since you’ve worked on a television show. What was it like being back in that environment??
@orbarose i miss it..

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not playing music or acting?
@laraj1289 writing..

Hey Ya’ll! Thanks for joining me tonight, I gotta run to a meeting for an upcoming project… wish me luck. Much love and respect.

PS. I miss you already.

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